About company

SkyFoodServices is a manufacturer and supplier of airborne catering for international flights.

Catering company LLC “SKY FOOD SERVICES” launched production facilities on August 7, 2015. Providing food for airline companies that is what we are involved in. Our main customer is Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA), Ukraine’s leading airline. We also provided catering and related services for such airline companies as Fly Dubai, WizzAir, ANA Aviation Services, Air Baltic, Small Planet, business aviation. In case of flight delays we provide food for Air Baltic, EL AL Airlines and British Airways.

The assortment and individual design of dishes is created by our exclusive chef Andrii Moroziuk. Multinational clients, their religious characteristics, diets and more specific requirements are taking into account while creating dishes for airline companies. While travelling our clients are able to order Kosher meals, Sea food meals, dishes for babies and children, low fat food, vegetarian food. Also there are dishes of Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, Georgian, Chinese, Jewish cuisines. Among peculiarities of catering are homemade fruit chips and beverages (lemonades, fruit drinks, compotes).

Our aim is to satisfy even the most refined taste of travelers and to present dishes in a different to usual on-board catering way, try to make them similar to the restaurant ones. Except of salads, appetizers, entrees and beverages our company produces bakery and desserts for all in-flight classes: economy, premium-economy, business, VIP passengers. To make our clients feel like at home, we provide unique bakery products and desserts of our production. Chef-confectioner carefully works with each item to make it not only tasty, but a masterpiece of culinary art. We cooperate with chains of restaurants, create superb cakes for any occasion.

We always try to take into account the opinions and wishes of each passenger, maintaining contact with customers by conducting surveys about the quality of taste. On board of the aircrafts passengers are asked to fill out questionnaires, processing information from which we draw conclusions about the preferences and the level of the provided food. Also, business class passengers have the opportunity to send feedback to e-mail (a business card with an electronic address is provided on a tray with meals).

We have successfully implemented a food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000: 2005.The system is aimed to identify the dangerous factors that can threaten the safety of products, and ensure the management of processes, allowing to exclude the influence of hazardous factors. The entire production chain, starting with the acceptance of raw materials and finishing with the delivery to the client, is under the control of the food safety management system. It all works in a combination with the creative ideas of chef and gives us opportunity to provide our customers not only delicious but also safe for health dishes.

Artificial flavors, preservatives, dyes, GMOs are forbidden to use in our company.

The car park of our company consists of 16 trucks (with a refrigeration units) and 3 mini vans, that helps us to deliver supplies in the shortest terms and control the temperature of products.

Except of food and delivery, we also provide different related services, among them are:

  • laundry;
  • equipment loading and off loading;
  • equipment and supplies storage;
  • delivery of meals in case of last-minute order.

Catering uses modern equipment that helps to control all processes: temperature, food storage, preparation, marking, ensure quality and safety.

Each of our employees has high qualification and experience. During the process of food preparing, we clearly adhere to the sanitary and hygienic norms. Employees are allowed to enter the premises of the workshops only in special sanitary clothing. Also special disinfectants processed all equipment, high loaders in which food is delivered to the apron.

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